Where to Fly in Georgia

Best Places to Fly Drones in Georgia: Top Locations for Stunning Aerial Views

Georgia is a state filled with diverse landscapes and picturesque settings, making it the perfect location for capturing stunning aerial photographs with your drone. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 locations in Georgia that are perfect for drone enthusiasts and aerial photographers. But remember, always check federal, state, and local laws before flying in any of these locations.


1. Stone Mountain Park

Location: Stone Mountain, GA 

Contact: Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, and its majestic beauty makes it a fantastic location for drone photography. The park offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area, including Atlanta’s skyline, the largest exposed granite rock in the world, and a picturesque lake.

Key Features:

  • Stunning views of Atlanta’s skyline
  • Unique geological formations
  • Picturesque lake and lush greenery

Best Time to Fly: The park is open year-round, but the best time to capture the most vibrant colors is during the fall when the leaves change colors.


2. Jekyll Island

Location: Jekyll Island, GA

: Jekyll Island Authority

Jekyll Island offers a unique combination of natural beauty and historical significance, making it an ideal spot for drone photography enthusiasts.  The island’s coastline offers stunning beach views, making it perfect for capturing breathtaking aerial shots. Additionally, the area’s rich wildlife presents unique opportunities for nature photography. Historical landmarks like the Jekyll Island Club Resort add a touch of elegance and historical context to drone footage. The island’s varied environments provide a range of subjects and backgrounds, ideal for both amateur and professional drone photographers.

Key Features:

  • Scenic Coastline: Capture stunning views of the island’s picturesque beaches and serene oceanfront.
  • Rich Wildlife: The island is a habitat for a variety of wildlife, providing opportunities for captivating wildlife photography.
  • Historical Landmarks: Explore and photograph the island’s rich history, including the famous Jekyll Island Club Resort.

Best Time to Fly: The island is open to visitors year-round. The golden hours of sunrise and sunset are particularly magical for photography.


3. The Silver Comet Trail 

Location: Smyrna, GA (starting point)

Contact: Silver Comet Trail Information Center

The Silver Comet Trail, a paved trail stretching over 60 miles from Smyrna, GA, to the Alabama state line, offers a unique opportunity for drone photography. This trail, built on an abandoned railroad line, passes through scenic landscapes, including forests, fields, and bridges, making it an excellent location for aerial shots.

Key Features:

  • Long stretches of scenic trails surrounded by natural beauty.
  • A variety of landscapes, including wooded areas, open fields, and streams.
  • Historic bridges and trestles, offering architectural interest.
  • Opportunities to capture cyclists and runners in action.

Best Time to Fly: The trail is accessible year-round, but spring and fall provide the most picturesque scenery with blooming flowers or autumn leaves.

Callaway Gardens Georgia

4. Callaway Gardens

Location: Pine Mountain, GA

Contact: Callaway Gardens Visitor Center

Callaway Gardens offers a blend of natural beauty and landscaped gardens. With its serene lakes, diverse floral landscapes, and the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center, it’s an attractive spot for aerial photography.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully landscaped gardens and floral displays
  • Large serene lakes perfect for capturing reflections
  • The Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center with tropical plants and butterflies
  • Extensive walking and biking trails

Best Time to Fly: The gardens are a year-round attraction, with each season offering a different array of blooms. Spring and autumn are particularly picturesque.


5. Lanier Islands 

Location: Buford, GA

Contact: Lanier Islands Administration

Lanier Islands, located on the shores of Lake Lanier, offers a mix of natural beauty and recreational activities. The sprawling resort area, with its lake views and varied landscapes, is ideal for drone photography.

Key Features:

  • Scenic views of Lake Lanier
  • Beaches and waterfront areas
  • Boating and water sports activities
  • Golf courses and resort amenities

Best Time to Fly: Open throughout the year, the area is especially vibrant in the summer when water activities peak, and the landscape is lush and green.


Georgia offers a diverse array of landscapes and settings that are perfect for capturing breathtaking aerial photographs. Whether you’re exploring the rugged cliffs of Providence Canyon or the majestic beauty of Stone Mountain Park, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your drone photography. Always remember to check federal, state, and local laws before flying in any of these locations.

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