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Empowering Homeowners Protecting Rights

Our mission is to empower homeowners with the data and resources they need to protect themselves from predatory insurance practices, ensuring fair and accurate claims, all at no cost.

We believe that quality drones will revolutionize the Roofing Industry

Roof Measure

Challenges in Roofing Data Collection

Homeowners across the United States are facing an uphill battle against insurance companies that employ predatory practices to deny or reduce storm damage claims. These companies leverage complex tactics to avoid paying out claims, leaving homeowners financially burdened and frustrated. The three most common tactics include claiming that damage isn't severe enough, stating that damage occurred outside of coverage periods, and accusing roofers of causing damage during inspections. This problem is exacerbated by laws that make it difficult for homeowners to pay deductibles, further preventing them from filing claims.

Door To Door

Does this sound familiar?

Imagine having your roof severely damaged by a storm, only to be told by your insurance company that the damage isn't significant enough for a replacement. Picture the frustration of repeatedly calling, writing letters, and having multiple inspections, only to be met with a final denial. Consider the stress of trying to prove that the damage happened within your coverage period or that it wasn't caused by your roofer. The entire process is not only disheartening but also exhausting, leaving homeowners feeling powerless and financially strained. This is the harsh reality faced by thousands, if not millions, of homeowners who are unjustly denied their rightful claims.

Improve Trust and Safety with Blue Falcon Aerial

We are here to change this narrative. Our venture leverages advanced drone technology and artificial intelligence to provide homeowners with irrefutable evidence of their roof's condition. Our state-of-the-art drones capture high-resolution images with precise GPS coordinates and timestamps, effectively countering the insurance companies' tactics. By documenting the roof's condition before and after any storm damage, we shift the burden of proof back onto the insurers. Our services are offered at a low cost, ensuring that every homeowner, regardless of their financial situation, has access to the protection they need. We rely on word-of-mouth and referrals to keep our marketing costs low and partner with ethical local businesses to support our mission. Additionally, we outsource our pilot network to other industries, generating revenue to sustain and grow our operations. By providing homeowners with undeniable evidence and the support they need to fight back against unfair insurance practices, we are empowering them to secure the compensation they deserve. Join us in this mission to protect homeowners and restore justice in the insurance claim process.

Benefits You Will See

Comprehensive Training and Support

We equip clients with the skills to safely and efficiently use drone technology through detailed training and customized flight procedures, streamlining the adoption process and reducing operational risks.

Streamlined Data Collection and Analysis

Our use of high-definition drone imagery and AI analysis enables rapid and accurate assessments of roof conditions. This technology facilitates quick responses to damage and streamlines the planning process.

Enhanced Project Management

We offer tools and services that improve project oversight and execution. From project estimation to comprehensive data processing support, we help businesses manage their projects effectively from start to finish.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Our consultation includes assistance with drone waivers and access to a network of professional pilots, ensuring compliance with aviation regulations and reducing legal risks for roofing businesses.

What Makes Us Different?

Not Your Regular Drone Guys

We are Drone Instructors at the prestigious Francis Tuttle Institute of Technology in Oklahoma City. You can trust that we know what we are doing and are qualified to help.

We have Access to the Best Tech

We seek out and partner with the best software, providers and drones for your business. We give you all of the options and let you make the decision.

Customized and Flexible to what you Need

One size does NOT fit all. We need to learn more about your pains and challenges so we can be creative in finding solutions that match your needs.

Veteran Owned and Operated

27 years of military experience between the founding members. Veterans are Disciplined, Hard Working and Adaptable to any Situation.

Yeah. We can do that.

Drone Selection

We can help you decide what drones make sense for your operations and budget. We also work with distributors to get you the best deals

Customized Playbook

We create your own step-by-step guide that you can follow to be successful.

Software Integration

We don't create our own software but we have done the shopping for you to make sure you have the ones you need.

Insurance Assurance

We work with insurance providers to make sure you are covered against liability and hull damage.

Drone Training

We have different options so you can learn how to fly. From YouTube links to In Person Training, its all up to you.

FAA Waivers and Authorizations

We can work with the Federal Aviation Administration to make sure you can fly where you need to fly.

Consultant to Bounce Ideas

Want to have us as a consultant so we can help as needed as things come up? We have a very qualified team to help in many different areas.

Project Management

Maybe you want us to take away some stress and manage the projects for you.

Data Processing

We can take data that you generate with your drones and turn it into whatever you need. Models, Maps, Assessments, Video Editing, or whatever else you probably need... We have a guy.

Marketing Plan

We love marketing and think we are pretty good at it. The fact you are here should be a good indicator of that.

Data Capture

We have access to pilots all over the country. Pilots are not cheap, and we firmly believe you should just fly yourselves, but we can help you if you would rather just outsource.

Other Stuff Too (Probably)

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for whatever you need. Everything's got a price of course.

Thermal Roofing

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you'll find detailed answers to common questions about our aerial LiDAR services, drone technology, and how we can support your unique project needs. This is your go-to resource for understanding our advanced drone-enabled LiDAR solutions.

Blue Falcon Aerial specializes in integrating drone technology into roofing operations. Our services include helping roofing companies obtain FAA Part 107 certification, selecting the appropriate drones for their specific needs, creating customized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), setting up necessary insurance, and integrating advanced software solutions that enhance business efficiency and profitability.

Drone technology can significantly enhance your roofing business by improving safety, increasing measurement accuracy, and speeding up roof inspections. Drones provide high-resolution aerial imagery that can help in precise damage assessment, reduce the need for risky manual roof inspections, and streamline data collection, leading to better client service and increased operational efficiency. sophisticated processing techniques to optimize ground surface detection.

Our free initial consultation for roofing companies includes a detailed assessment of your business needs and an introduction to drone technology. It covers guidance on FAA Part 107 training, assistance in selecting the right drones, creation of a custom SOP for your drone operations, setup of the required insurance, and recommendations for software integration tailored to enhance your business operations. significantly reducing the risk associated with traditional on-the-ground surveying.

No prior experience with drones is necessary to benefit from our services. We provide comprehensive training and support, ranging from basic drone operation to advanced data analysis, ensuring you and your team are confident and ready to implement drone technology effectively within your business operations.

Yes, Blue Falcon Aerial assists with obtaining the necessary FAA waivers and authorizations for commercial drone use. We handle the regulatory paperwork and ensure that your operations comply with all national airspace requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

We work closely with you to understand your specific business requirements and operational challenges. Based on this understanding, we recommend drones that best fit your needs in terms of capabilities, budget, and ease of use. We also leverage our partnerships with leading drone distributors to get you the best deals available.

Operating drones for commercial purposes typically requires both liability insurance and hull insurance to cover potential damages to the drone itself and third-party claims. We guide you through selecting the right insurance policies to ensure that you are fully protected against various operational risks.

At Blue Falcon Aerial, we are able to provide initial consultations and other select services at no cost to you through strategic partnerships with software companies, training programs, and drone service providers. We receive referral bonuses when we introduce new clients to these partners. This arrangement allows us to offer you valuable services for free while also promoting quality products and services that can benefit your business. This win-win situation supports our mission to make advanced drone technology accessible and beneficial for roofing companies.


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