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Exploring the Ozarks: The Best Arkansas Locations for Drone Enthusiasts

Arkansas, often referred to as The Natural State, offers an array of stunning landscapes that make it a paradise for drone enthusiasts. From majestic waterfalls to serene rivers and lush forests, the state’s diverse terrain provides perfect backdrops for aerial photography. In this article, we delve into five of the most photogenic locations in Arkansas that are ideal for drone flying, outside of national parks and military bases.


1. Mount Magazine State Park

Location: Logan County, AR 

Contact: Mount Magazine State Park Visitor Center

Key Features:

  • The highest point in Arkansas, offering expansive views.
  • Breathtaking overlooks like Cameron Bluff.
  • Diverse terrain including deep valleys and high cliffs.

Why It’s Perfect for Drones: Mount Magazine State Park presents an unbeatable opportunity to capture Arkansas’s natural beauty from the highest vantage point in the state. The park’s panoramic views and varied landscape are perfect for capturing stunning aerial footage.

Open Hours: Year-round, dawn to dusk.


2. The Arkansas River Trail

Location: Little Rock to Pinnacle Mountain State Park 

Contact: Arkansas River Trail System Office

Key Features:

  • Scenic views of the Arkansas River and downtown Little Rock.
  • Unique points of interest like the Big Dam Bridge.
  • Diverse urban and natural landscapes.

Why It’s Perfect for Drones: The Arkansas River Trail offers a blend of urban and natural scenery. Capturing the bustling city life of Little Rock with the serene backdrop of the Arkansas River creates mesmerizing footage.

Open Hours: Open daily.


3. Garvan Woodland Gardens

Location: Hot Springs, AR 

Contact: Garvan Woodland Gardens Visitor Services

Key Features:

  • Exquisite botanical landscapes.
  • Architectural marvels like the Anthony Chapel.
  • Seasonal floral displays and water features.

Why It’s Perfect for Drones: Garvan Woodland Gardens is a visual feast. The blend of architectural elegance and botanical beauty creates a surreal landscape for drone cinematography.  Be aware that the location is in Class E Airspace so make sure to get LAANC Authorization.  

Open Hours: Varies seasonally.


4. Beaver Lake

Location: Northwest Arkansas 

Contact: Beaver Lake Information Center

Key Features:

  • Crystal clear waters with scenic limestone bluffs.
  • Diverse wildlife and natural forests.
  • Popular for recreational activities like boating and fishing.

Why It’s Perfect for Drones: Beaver Lake’s clear waters and rugged shoreline provide an ideal setting for capturing high-definition water landscapes and vibrant sunset scenes.

Open Hours: Accessible year-round.


5. Lake Ouachita

Location: Near Hot Springs, AR 

Contact: Lake Ouachita State Park Office

Key Features:

  • Over 40,000 acres of crystal-clear water and numerous islands.
  • Surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest.
  • Ideal for capturing water sports and natural landscapes.

Why It’s Perfect for Drones: Lake Ouachita’s vast, unspoiled waters and forested shoreline offer spectacular aerial photography opportunities, especially for capturing sunrise and sunset scenes over the water.

Open Hours: Accessible year-round.

Before setting out with your drone, always ensure to check the latest federal, state, and local drone regulations for a safe and lawful flying experience in these breathtaking Arkansas locations.

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