Edmond Kiwanis and Blue Falcon Aerial

Blue Falcon Aerial Shares Drone Technology at Kiwanis Club in Edmond

On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Blue Falcon Aerial had the opportunity to present at the weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club held at the Kickingbird Golf Course in Edmond, Oklahoma. The presentation focused on the current state and future potential of drone technology, particularly highlighting the use of LiDAR in surveying practices.

Blue Falcon Aerial, located at 18805 Vivo Drive in Edmond, OK, is on a mission to make LiDAR technology more accessible to surveyors of all project sizes. The company emphasizes the importance of this technology in enhancing the precision and efficiency of surveying tasks, from large-scale infrastructure projects to smaller land surveys.

Chris Guarnera, CEO of Blue Falcon Aerial, led the presentation. With a background that spans military service, law enforcement, and drone technology, Guarnera’s experience adds depth to the company’s commitment to advancing the use of drones in professional settings. His expertise in the field was evident as he navigated through the various aspects of drone technology, including its benefits and considerations.

The discussion included an overview of drone and LiDAR basics, the legal and ethical considerations of drone use, and the potential impact of drones in community service and education. Guarnera also introduced the attendees to an advanced aerial mapping course being developed in collaboration with the Francis Tuttle Technology Institute, showcasing Blue Falcon Aerial’s dedication to educational outreach.

A unique aspect of the presentation was a live flight demonstration, providing Kiwanis Club members with a practical display of drone capabilities. This interactive element helped illustrate the practical uses and advantages of drones in various fields.

By presenting at the Kiwanis Club meeting, Blue Falcon Aerial aimed to share knowledge and insights on the evolving role of drones in society. The event was an opportunity for community members to learn about the potential applications of drone technology and how it can be leveraged for the betterment of society.

For more information about Blue Falcon Aerial and its mission, please visit our website.

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