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Are you a surveyor pressed for time and seeking cutting-edge solutions?

The power of planimetrics with LiDAR is now within your grasp.

Fast. Comprehensive. Revolutionary.

Cutting-edge Planimetrics Deliverables

As surveying needs grow more diverse and complex, the demand for innovative, dynamic, and quick solutions becomes critical. Enter Blue Falcon Aerial with our groundbreaking planimetrics offerings. By combining data with rapid data capture and processing, we’re reshaping smaller projects.  Allow us to turn once time-consuming processes into swift, efficient operations.


Planimetrics: Tailored for Projects of All Sizes

We're rewriting the norms by implementing planimetrics into a range of project sizes, with a heightened focus on smaller ventures. From roadways, construction, city planning, and more, Blue Falcon Aerial offers time-saving benefits and rich deliverables, making us the go-to solution for your diverse requirements.


Time Savings and Multidimensional Deliverables: Our Pledge to You

We recognize the strain that project backlogs can create. That's why Blue Falcon Aerial is committed to delivering time-efficient results with our detailed 2D and 3D planimetrics. Our commitment helps to keep your projects on course and expedites delivery timelines. Precision, accuracy, and speed from our data acquisition and processing eliminate potential delays, setting the stage for successful project completion.


Planted in Oklahoma, Serving You Across the Nation

With our roots firmly planted in Oklahoma, we are dedicated to supporting surveying businesses of all sizes. Our guarantee? Mileage charges are never part of the deal. This ensures that our time-saving planimetrics services, acclaimed for their comprehensive deliverables, are accessible to you, regardless of your project's location.

Discover the Planimetrics Advantage

Keen to see how planimetrics can streamline your projects? We’re excited to showcase the transformative power of our services. Book a consultation today, and let’s explore how our planimetrics solutions can revolutionize your project execution with a time-saving, multidimensional approach tailored to your specific needs. Step into the future of surveying.

Together, let’s clear your project backlog, one project at a time. Welcome to the planimetrics evolution.

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