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Overcoming Terrain Challenges with Precision LiDAR Mapping​

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Traditional Topographic Data Gathering: The Landscape

As professionals engaged in geographic data collection, you've likely experienced the complexities of traditional methods. The process of accumulating precise topographical data is painstaking and often time-consuming. Traditional techniques, while valuable and time-tested, sometimes fall short in providing the pinpoint accuracy desired, impacting project planning and implementation.

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Navigating the Intricacies of Terrain Data Collection

These challenges can subtly influence your project outcomes. Minor inaccuracies can sometimes evolve into larger issues, resulting in extended timelines, increased expenses, and potentially unforeseen operational hurdles. It's a delicate balancing act between retaining the quality of the data and staying on schedule - an act that demands a new kind of support.

Enhancing Data Precision with Blue Falcon Aerial

We offer a modern approach to complement your existing topographic data collection process. Our aerial LiDAR mapping services provide detailed, high-quality geographic data, enriching your understanding of the project terrain. With us, you can seamlessly integrate high precision data into your workflow, optimize resources, and mitigate potential risks. Blue Falcon Aerial partners with you, bolstering your strengths and bringing a new level of efficiency to your work.

Our Services

Unlock the future of topographical data collection with Blue Falcon Aerial. With our sophisticated technology, we produce high-definition 3D maps and models, along with precision orthomosaics, effortlessly conquering even the most inaccessible or hazardous terrains. Serving a range of industries, from land surveying and construction to environmental monitoring, we stand committed to delivering data of unrivaled quality and insightful analyses. Trust in us for meticulously timed and budgeted services that illuminate your project’s pathway to success.

Orthomosaic Mapping

High-Fidelity Orthomosaic Mapping

Transform your perspective with our Orthomosaic Mapping. We skillfully stitch together multiple aerial images, ensuring absolute positional accuracy, to form a single, unified image. It's an encompassing view that delivers precision and clarity for informed decision-making.

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Advanced Aerial LiDAR Mapping

Harness the power of cutting-edge remote sensing technology with Blue Falcon Aerial. Our services utilize laser pulses to generate intricately detailed 3D point clouds of the Earth's surface, turning complex terrains into understandable data that fuels your project's success.

Camera Drone

Precision Drone Photography, Reinvented

Step into the future of imagery with our Precision Drone Photography. We employ state-of-the-art UAV technology to capture exceptionally high-resolution images, even in challenging or hazardous environments. It's not just about getting a view, it's about delivering insights that drive your project forward.

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Our Solutions

Unleash the power of sophisticated data analysis across a spectrum of disciplines with Blue Falcon Aerial. Our LiDAR technology empowers professionals across GIS, Land Development, Surveying, Oil and Gas, Civil Engineering, Power Distribution, Construction, and Urban Planning, contributing essential data for mission-critical decisions.

From precise land surveying to strategic construction planning and diligent environmental monitoring, the applications are as diverse as they are impactful. No matter your profession or interest in these fields, we aim to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of how LiDAR is driving a transformative revolution in industries worldwide. Discover with us how you can be part of this game-changing evolution.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you'll find detailed answers to common questions about our aerial LiDAR services, drone technology, and how we can support your unique project needs. This is your go-to resource for understanding our advanced drone-enabled LiDAR solutions.

For setting ground control, we are flexible to accommodate your needs. We can establish our own base station point, utilize a point already established by your surveyor, or tie into the same monument that the surveyor is using for the project. Using a rover connected to our base, we set ground points to ensure accurate geo-referencing of our LiDAR data.

Our aerial LiDAR technology can fly regardless of foliage coverage. While thick foliage can sometimes limit the visibility of the ground surface, we employ sophisticated processing techniques to optimize ground surface detection.

Absolutely. Our aerial LiDAR services are well-suited for highway projects. Our technology allows us to collect data quickly and accurately, significantly reducing the risk associated with traditional on-the-ground surveying.

No, we do not charge mileage. We proudly service all locations within the Continental United States without any additional travel fees.

We’re equipped to handle projects of any size. While there’s no limit to how small a project can be, please note that our minimum billing for any project is $2500.

Yes, our deliverables are fully compatible with CAD and other popular design software. We aim to provide data in a format that fits seamlessly into your workflow.

Getting started with us is easy. Simply reach out to us with your project details. We’ll discuss your requirements, offer a customized solution, and upon agreement, schedule the data collection process.

Turnaround time can vary based on the project’s complexity and size. However, we strive for efficiency, and most projects are completed within a few days to a week after the data collection process.

We deliver data securely through an online cloud platform, allowing you to access and download your data files conveniently. If required, alternative delivery methods can be arranged.

We strictly comply with all FAA regulations, including the limitation that prohibits flying over people or moving vehicles. We’ll discuss any potential restrictions and plan the project accordingly to ensure complete regulatory compliance.

Operations in restricted airspace, such as near airports, require specific permissions and waivers. Securing these can take a significant amount of time, up to 90 days. We work diligently to obtain these permissions in a timely manner to not delay your project.

No, our LiDAR technology is used for surface mapping and cannot penetrate the ground. We provide detailed and accurate surface mapping for your projects.

what makes us different?

Discover the Blue Falcon Aerial Difference

Have Your Data in Days, Not Weeks

72-hour deployment time available anywhere in the continental United States.

Reduce Risk and Liability

Experienced pilots with thousands of combined commercial flight hours and large liability insurance coverage.

Focused on Accuracy

Providing consistent accuracy through a combination of ground control points, precision flight mapping, and data processing through industry leader ROCK Robotic.

Veteran Owned and Operated

25 years of military experience between the founding members. Veterans are Disciplined, Hard Working and Adaptable to any Situation.


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